John Carmack on PS4 vs. Xbox One Specs: They're 'Very Close'

At the start of his QuakeCon keynote, legendary tech-whiz John Carmack offered some observations about the biggest two contenders in the coming console wars.

You can watch the clip from Carmack's keynote above. While he says he hasn't done enough benchmarking to be able to do a straight-up comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One, Carmack says that they're "very close" and that "they're both very good."


Carmack then discussed why he's not quite sold on the Kinect motion controller, even while he thinks it's a technology that's set to grow and improve. He summed up Kinect thusly: Saying that he's given Apple grief for its one-button mouse, Carmack describes Kinect as "kind of like a zero-button mouse with a lot of latency on it."

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