John Carmack on PS4 vs. Xbox One Specs: They're 'Very Close'

At the start of his QuakeCon keynote, legendary tech-whiz John Carmack offered some observations about the biggest two contenders in the coming console wars.


You can watch the clip from Carmack's keynote above. While he says he hasn't done enough benchmarking to be able to do a straight-up comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One, Carmack says that they're "very close" and that "they're both very good."

Carmack then discussed why he's not quite sold on the Kinect motion controller, even while he thinks it's a technology that's set to grow and improve. He summed up Kinect thusly: Saying that he's given Apple grief for its one-button mouse, Carmack describes Kinect as "kind of like a zero-button mouse with a lot of latency on it."



you can say what you want about kinect, but the way i see it, this is just microsoft being stubborn about doing something because they just want to do it and fuck everything else

kinect was a flop, yeah it sold relatively well, but games wise it was a flop, developing wise it was a flop, inovation wise it was a flop

there is no reason to try and implement it full time on your next console and make the thing piricier, not to mention their logic is flawed, the fact that the every xbone has a kinect is not going to make developers use the damn thing in a decent way, every wii had motion controls and most games only used it for stupid gimmick bs that didn't do anything for the games

plus, the fact that ps4 and wiiu are not focusing on motion controls will just make it worse, we all know developers don't like to do special things for ports, so, cross-plataform games most likely won't have kinect functionality, at least nothing worth the time, unless microsoft is willing to drop cash to developers to do special shit for them, the only good stuff will be their exclusives, which would make the whole thing pretty fucking stupid, increasing prices and making a console around something that's only going to be used properly by a few dozen games

of course, it's all talk and we don't know what's it gonna be, anything can happen, but me personally, quite frankly, i hope developers just ignore this piece of shit and microsoft releases a no-kinect version of the console, because right now that the drm issues are out of the way, the mandatory kinect is the big BUT that will probably make me not purchase an xbone