Joe Danger: The Movie Takes Stuntman Action to a Whole New Level

The coolest part of an action movie is, well, the action. Carefully choreographed and filmed stunts and effects make the impossible seem downright easy, when splashed on the big screen.

Joe Danger: The Movie, slated for release on Xbox Live Arcade later this year, is all about the action. First seen at last summer's PAX, It's the sequel to a 2010 PSN title that was also released on Xbox Live in a special edition late last year.


According to developer Hello Games, over the course of making his "Movie" title character Joe Danger will face every challenge an action thriller can throw at a man as he must "race rivals, chase crooks, escape boulders, destroy robots, punch dinosaurs and divert the nuclear missiles!"

The game will also allow players to build their own sandbox-style levels (called, appropriately, film sets) and then share them, and also to compete in multiplayer modes.


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