Job Listing Mentions New Metal Gear "Development"

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Metal Gear Solid 4 was a big hit. Konami isn't ready to walk away from the franchise anytime soon. (Example: Metal Gear Solid Touch.) A Konami job listing shows how eager the company is.


The job listing is for an experience programmer and mentions mostly the obvious: Staff wanted for home console games and cell phone games. But one line sticks out — thank the arrows Konami added for that!

>>> Staff wanted for a new development in the Metal Gear series!!<<<

War might have changed, but not the way endless sequels and spin-offs are churned out.


コナミのゲーム開発を支えるのは、さまざまな業界の経験者。 [En Japan via GIGAZINE]

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Just as long as it's not titled Metal Gear Solid: Raiden