Jinx Unleashes Talking Murlocs And New WoW Tees

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World of Warcraft merchandisers supreme Jinx have unleashed their new winter line just in time for Christmas, complete with the return of the talking, hand-humping murloc plushies.


The talking plush murlocs that were all the rage at BlizzCon 2008 are now available in limited quantities at Jinx.com for $39.99 as part of their newly unveiled winter lineup. Along with the fishy plushies comes a new line of World of Warcraft t-shirts and accessories for men and women, featuring some of the nicest work I've seen from the company so far. I particularly love the faux sports team shirts, which include the Teldrassil Shadowmelders, Undercity GraveDiggers, and the Darnassus Nightsabers. Anyone reading the site searching for Fahey gift ideas might want to pay special attention to the Arcane Intellect ball cap. Just make sure you opt for the Horde wrapping paper, or you could be risking my ire.


Hit up the link for the full winter WoW lineup, or check out their other winter releases for one damn spiffy Pac-Man shirt.

Jinx Warcraft Winter 2009 Launch [Jinx.com]

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My characters are either Orc or Tauren. Not a girlie girl Blood Elf (male or female). No offense to the Forsaken or Trolls... I just don't care for their look.

I'm thinking about getting a couple of the Horde cutout stickers for the back of my vehicle.