Jimmy Fallon’s Xbox One Segment Tries Hard to Make Kinect Look Fun

What do you do if you're trying to hawk the Xbox One on late-night talk shows? You can't show the gory, crotch-laser killfest of Dead Rising 3 or the slice-an-arm-off combat of Ryse: Son of Rome, both of which seem to be the better games for the new console. No, no, you have to go with Kinect. And with Forza. And with Will Forte singing.


Jimmy Fallon does his damnedest to get folks hyped about Microsoft's latest console, watching a quick interface tour and talking the XB1's exclusive car sim for a spin. There's a little bit of trash talk during the Kinect Sports Rivals but honestly, it seems like Jimmy had more fun with the PS4, right?

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Kotaku bitching about Xbox One and praising PS4?!

QUICK!!! Someone stop the presses!!

The world is going to end!! This NEVER happens!!