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Jilted Lovers, Mullets and Exploding Dogs - The LittleBigPlanet Euro Ads

This is how Sony will be flogging LittleBigPlanet across Europe - three short TV spots showing off some of the more creative uses of the level creation tools. In The Cullen Family Planet, Murray shows us the LBP level he made for his two sons. Remember - the family that explodes dogs together, stays together. Two more after the jump. The Janice Planet could spawn a new genre - revenge modding. "We start off inside Janice's heart, which as you can see is mostly frozen..." With The Heavy Metal Mullet Planet, the clue is very much in the title. Guide a hair-metal Sackboy to the stage by SWINGING ON THE MULLET OF A ROBOT DINOSAUR GUITARIST. Just take a few moments to savor that last sentence.

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