Jet Set Radio: The Kotaku Review

Few games were as revolutionary as Jet Set Radio for the Dreamcast. It completely overturned our expectations of what games could look like, and remained one of the best games to come out for the system.


In the video above, I discuss the HD port of Jet Set Radio: How it's aged as a game, and how it remains a worthwhile, important and must-play part of videogame canon.

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WHY: It's punk as heck and still remains a pillar of gaming canon.

Jet Set Radio HD

Developer: Smilebit (original game)
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Steam, PS Vita
Released: September 11, 2012 (PSN, PS Plus subscribers), September 18th, 2012 (PSN) September, 19th 2012 (XBLA & Steam) October 16th, 2012 (Vita)

Type of game: Rollerblading Graffiti Simulator

What I played: The entire game, both in it's original form many times, as well as the HD re-release for the Xbox 360.


I Loved

  • The use of cell shading still holds up.
  • The soundtrack remains one of the best, ever.

I Hated

  • A few clunky design anachronisms. Some textures remain blocky.

Made-to-Order Back-of-Box Quotes

  • "Jet Set Radio finally made me enjoy being a teenager in a game." - Chris Person,
  • "More art than you can spray a can at!" - Chris Person,


I'm surprised Jet Set Radio would be the game that made you hold on to your Dreamcast for so long. By all accounts, the later xbox version was superior, and made improvements to both gameplay controls and level design. I still love my Dreamcast though, but most of its titles have been remade to HD, or improved and put on other platforms.

Still need to get my hands on the gamecube version of Skies of Arcadia...but damn would I love that remade in HD as a downloadable for modern consoles, or on Steam like Crazy Taxi. I also would love to see Grandia 1-2, and Lunar 1-2 receive the same treatment.