Did God make all life on Earth? Or did life on Earth evolve?

That debate is not settled in Jesus Vs. Dinosaurs, unfortunately. It is true: a game that pits one player as the creator of cars made out of dinosaur parts against another player who makes cars out of Jesus parts (huh??) settles nothing.


This game is not profound, but it is fun. It's from Petri Purho (Crayon Physics) and Martin Jonasson, who made it at a game creation jam two Januarys ago and have tinkered with it since. They've shown it at some gaming events, including at a noisy indie games and press mixer at the offices of gaming outlet IGN this past Sunday in San Francisco. That's where I shot the video above, with Purho in the dinosaur role and Hokra creator Ramiro Corbetta in the Jesus role.

I wish you could play the game, but... here's Purho: "The biggest problem with it is that the game is a local multiplayer party game with religious undertones. The potential audience for a game like this on the PC is probably quite small. And there's no way we can get it on any of the consoles."


Would you settle for watching the video I shot of the game in action?

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