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Jeopardy Puts Up Pokémon Category That's Somehow Even Easier Than Pokémon Games

Illustration for article titled iJeopardy/i Puts Up iPokémon/i Category Thats Somehow Even Easier Than iPokémon/i Games
Screenshot: Jeopardy

Last night, trivia game show Jeopardy had a Pokémon category. It was almost embarrassingly easy and lowkey I’m kinda pissed about it.


I’m not talking easy for Pokémon fans—these questions were so easy that I think my mom could have answered them, and my mom can barely use a computer. In fact, I just called her. She got most of the questions right and noted that they weren’t really about Pokémon. They’re more about reading the clue to discover the implied answer. Take this clue, for instance: “Like a person who prepares horses for racing, it’s someone who captures Pokémon and readies and directs them in battle.” The correct response was, of course, “trainer.” You could know that answer if you have never played Pokémon, as long as you know the definition of the word “trainer.” That was the $800 clue, the second to last in the category. Could they really not think of anything slightly more obscure and I don’t know, actually about Pokémon?

Check out these laughably simple questions here—they did not get harder.

There was one clue that wasn’t aired on this segment, asking who is the Pokémon trainer that got Pikachu as their starter, becoming best friends in the process. It’s Ash Ketchum, obviously. On Jeopardy that was worth $1,000. Can you just PayPal that to me, Alex Trebek? I could use the cash.

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Ah, a Jeff. Time to dig this up: