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Jenna Jameson Had No Problem Faking Sex in Front of Her Dad

Illustration for article titled Jenna Jameson Had No Problem Faking Sex in Front of Her Dad

Back when Jenna Jameson was still doing porn, she appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as blue movie actress Candy Suxxx. As recount in the new book Jacked, Jameson showed up to the recording session with her father.


For the session, Jameson was motion captured as she was on her back, feigning intercourse.

Vice City developers Dan Houser and Navid Khonsari were apparently uncomfortable with the notion of Jameson faking an orgasm in front of her dad. Khonsari is quoted as telling Dan that he didn't have a problem with her father, but he did not feel comfortable asking her to moan and groan as if she was having sex.


When it came time for Jameson to record her orgasm, Houser awkwardly asked Jameson to act like she was excited. Jameson wasn't sure what he meant, and Dan apparently told her to act like she was really happy or having a great time or eating a chocolate bar.

Jameson asked if she was supposed to act like she was eating a chocolate bar or like she was having sex. Houser told her to act like she was having sex, and they nailed the scene, in front of pops and all.

For more on Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto, read Kotaku's previous coverage.


(Top photo: Matt Sayles | AP)

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At least this isn't her dad.