Jay-Z's Life Story, Told as a Facebook Game

Jay-Z is one of the world's most famous rappers. He has a fashion line, a chain of upscale sports bars, and a share of the New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets. He has sold millions upon millions of albums and married Beyoncé, with whom he now has a daughter.

What was left for the superstar? To become a Facebook game, of course.

As Mashable reports, Empire, Jay-Z's newest venture, has just launched. It's a social game that follows the highlights of Jay-Z's biography, starting from life in the projects and carrying through "from hustler, to entrepreneur, to business mogul."


Yes, you, too can rule the world! Only you can do it virtually, in a world where you only get so many moves per day without putting money into it. And make sure to tell all your friends every single time you do anything.

Empire is currently available to play but does carry a "beta" warning so is subject to frequent change. And while the big cartoonish heads, turn-based movements, and constant attempts to try to make me buy credits and tell my friends do feel just like every other Facebook game I've played this year, it's definitely the first to make rap battles a major mechanic. And I totally won my first one. I'm just still not sure how.

Jay-Z Launches Facebook Game ‘Empire' for You to Take Over the World [Mashable]

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