In this week's episode of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes' excellent podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, the dynamic duo spends several minutes hawking Infamous 2. Did you know the game will "suck yo dick?"


I've been listening to plenty of podcasts lately, as I've currently got two babies in two different hospitals on two different sides of Atlanta. Most of what I listen to lately comes from Kevin Smith's I particularly enjoy Hollywood Babble-On with Smith and Ralph Garman, as well as the Smodcast proper with Smith and Scott Mosier. When I finish with those, I turn to Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, which is generally an hour of Jason Mewes talking about fucking, doing drugs, and doing drugs while fucking.

This week Sony shelled out a couple hundred bucks to have the pair talk up the recently-released Infamous 2. To his credit, Mewes has actually played the game, and his excitement over the topic is evidenced by the fact that dick sucking only comes into it the one time.

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