If you've been on the internet, I dunno, ever, you've probably seen those Expectations vs. Reality pictures. Well, Japan has them, too.

In Japan, the meme is "Risou to Genjitsu" (理想と現実). "Risou" (理想) means "ideal", "to" (と) is "and", and "genjitsu" (現実) is "reality". The meme works in the same way as its Western counterpart, and, inevitabily, there are also lots of food packaging pics and being people lonely examples. They're universal!

Not every meme in Japan has a Western counterpart. Likewise, not every Western meme has a Japanese one. It's fascinating to see which ones exist in both and how they show, despite cultural differences, internet lulz are internet lulz no matter the language you speak.


Photos: ガルカのシッポ, シナモン, 田原, RainbowDevilsLand, たべたべ, ねたたま, 心理学ステーション, seiyu fan, ロケットニュース, まとめ

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