Japan's "Prince of Confinement" Will Finally Be Confined to Prison

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The residence was packed with computer games and comic books. And back in 2003, Yasuyoshi Kobayashi was convicted of sexually assaulting four women and confining them at said residence. Today, ANN News reports that his final appeal was overturned and he will begin his 14-year sentence.

Japanese police discovered over one thousand adult video games in his apartment, which were used to help paint him as an individual who attempted to make those digital fantasies by creating his own "harem". Kobayashi claimed he suffered from schizophrenia.

Police also discovered books on depression, shedding light on an individual with serious problems that ran deeper than the games he played or the comics he read.


Kobayashi, the son of wealthy parents, appeared in an all white suit and flipped through a light novel called Maria-sama ga Miteru during the proceedings, which captured the nation's attention. The court case was even referenced in popular anime Lucky Star.

One alleged reason why he's called the "The Prince of Confinement" is because he was cosplaying as the lead character in The Prince of Tennis manga at the time of his arrest.

The Japanese courts also ruled that the PTSD his victims suffer does legally constitute a wound—a landmark ruling for the country's legal system.

"監禁王子"懲役14年確定へ 最高裁、上告退ける [TV Asahi]

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Only a 14 year sentence? Also can anyone fill me in on what Japanese prisons are like?