Japan's Pirates Answer Pirate Questions... Arrr!

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We have already polled you, Joe Q. Reader, about piracy. Let's hear the results of a Japanese poll. Are they the same?


Japan's japan.internet.com polled 1,000 internet users about piracy. The sample was 55.3 percent male with 1.0 percent in their teens, 16.1 percent in their twenties, 27.1 percent in their thirties, 30.9 percent in their forties, 17.1 percent in their fifties, and 7.8 percent in their sixties.

Here are the results (via website What Japan Thinks):

Q1: Have you or people around you bought pirate goods? (Sample size=1,000)

• I and people near me have bought them: 9.7 percent
• I have, but people near me haven't bought them: 1.4 percent
• I haven't, but people near me have bought them: 24.6 percent
• Neither I nor people near me have bought them: 64.3 percent

Q1SQ1: What kinds of pirate goods have you bought? (Sample size=111, multiple answer)

• CD: 46.8 percent
• DVD, Blu-ray: 45.0 percent
• Computer software: 28.8 percent
• Video: 20.7 percent
• Record: 18.9 percent
• Game software (including ROM cards): 13.5 percent
• Books, photo collections: 8.1 percent
• Other: 3.6 percent

[Note: The original Japanese site says "Record", which might also refer to laser discs and not simply vinyl LPs. Not familiar with pirated records.]

Q1SQ2: From where did you buy pirate goods? (Sample size=111, multiple answer)

• From a pirate shop: 37.8 percent
• From a pirate internet auction: 29.7 percent
• From a pirate street stall: 24.3 percent
• From a pirate web site: 13.5 percent
• From a pirate friend: 13.5 percent
• From a pirate bulletin board, email, etc: 6.3 percent
• Other pirate means: 12.6 percent

According to the results of this survey, piracy does not seem that common in Japan, hence the small sample set on the bottom two questions. Perhaps the sample size's age grouping has something to do with it?

3人に1人が、自分や周りに海賊版を買った人がいる - japan.internet.com デイリーリサーチ [japan.internet.com via WhatJapanThinks] [Pic]


First, there's a difference between "pirate goods" and "pirated goods". Perhaps it was just a typo, but "pirate goods" include eyepatches, parrots, peg legs, and Arrrrr.

Second, who "buys" pirated goods. Well, the Chinese do I guess (I'm thinking of street-stalls selling American DVDs and such), but I think most folks in 1st world countries get their pirated goods for free through the intertubes.

Third, "pirate shops"!? Pirates own real estate? I mean, "pirate shops" is listed seperately from "pirate street stall", so we're not talking a mobile, temporary platform, we're talking an actual store. Wouldn't that make the pirates easy to find? I mean, I think of pirates as swooping in, doing their bidness, and sailing away to blow or bury their booty. I don't think of them as negotiating $/sq. ft. leasing agreements, aligning items on shelves, or cleaning windows.