When I heard that Japan's newest superhero show was based on fruit, I scoffed. How silly! And then, I saw their outfits. That changed everything.

Above, you can see the transformation (変身 or "henshin") for the latest Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Gaim. Somebody sure had fun thinking this one up!

Of course, Kamen Rider is a long-running superhero series with motorcycles and cool costumes. It's aimed at little Japanese kids, and my four-year old is very excited about this!

And as my four-year old points out, it features Kamen Riders with costumes based on...


Melons and grapes...



And an orange. His "henshin belt" even shows a blade cutting an orange.

Look closely at the design, and you can see all these beautiful touches—how they've actually incorporated fruit motifs with samurai amour.




And in the next episode, "King Pineapple" will appear.


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