You know who digs Ikea? Japan, that's who. Ikea stores are popular destinations for shoppers. And what better way to go to Ikea than in Tokyo's Ikea monorail? No, make that, the Ikea "Party Train."

To mark the opening of a new Ikea near Tokyo's Tachikawa Station, the Tama Monorail Line has been redecorated with Ikea furnishings. There were even drinks and food.

This is no ordinary monorail, as you can see in the above photo (courtesy of Ryutsuu). On the outside, it actually says "Ikea Party Train."

Here's a better look, courtesy of Twitter user naniinu:


Not everyone could enjoy this Ikea monorail fun. According to Japanese site Ryutsuu, Ikea Family members were selected via raffle to get spots on the Party Train. Ikea employees were on board to play games and hold quizzes with the shoppers.

The Ikea Party Train was a two-day limited event, wrapping up earlier today in Japan.


[Photo: girrrls]

[Photo: naniinu]



[Photo: Yukio]

立川店オープンでモノレール貸切イベント [Ryutsuu]

Top photo: Ryutsuu

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