Seriously, what were you expecting?

Note: The article contains NSFW photos.

Kenichiro Takaki, producer of such busty games as the Senran Kagura series and self-proclaimed "Huge Boob (爆乳) Producer" was on twitter earlier today and decided to let the world see what his desk at home looks like.

"Meanwhile, the school bathing suit zone at home is expanding every day. I wish I had a showcase..."


"This is the view in front of my PC in my vaunted basement! (I just want to sit here forever)"


Note the myriad of classic video game treasures among the girls spilling out of their bathing suits.

If that seems a little tame for the man who created the video game series where busty ninjas tear off each other's clothes just because he wanted to see boobs in 3D, bear in mind that this is a picture from his home where he lives with his wife and child, not his office at Marvelous AQL.

Takaki is currently working on 3 new Senran Kagura games to spread his love of boobs throughout Japan.


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