Japan's Games On Demand Are Different To Yours

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You've seen which games will be made available on the American Games on Demand service when it launches on a 360 near you. But what about Japan? Japan's games are different.


Here's the list, which eschews games like Fable and Assassin's Creed in favour of some games with a more...Japanese fare.

Idolmaster Live 4 U
Viva Pinata
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Perfect Dark Zero
Bullet Witch
Fight Night: Round 3
Rainbow Six: Vegas

Each of those games will go for ¥2000 (USD$21), which might be a challenge for Microsoft, since you can find some of those games used for under ¥1000 (USD$10). Then again, others will be bargains!

As with everywhere else, Games on Demand will launch in Japan on August 11.


They really need to pick their pricing better. This GOD has fail written all over it, just like the Xbox originals, wayy to expensive IMO.