You are looking at, wait for it, crab and mango sushi. It's from U.K. based chain Yo! Sushi, which claims to offer "authentic Japanese food." A Japanese sushi chef begs to differ.

On Japanese TV show Gaia no Yoake, a Yo! Sushi spokesperson recently claimed, "Our cuisine is authentic Japanese food."

The above two images have been retweeted over six thousand times. On Twitter, some Japanese Twitter users have turned their noses up at the crab and mango sushi, saying it wasn't real sushi, but a foreign version of it. "Bwah?" wrote one Twitter use. "Like, this is weird."

Then, there was the shock at the price: crab mango sushi is over nine bucks!

Others pointed out that while sushi has become an international food, like spaghetti, Japanese people don't usually eat "fruity sushi." Then, of course, there were those in Japan who wanted to try the crab mango dish.

When a sushi chef appeared on the show, he said that the sushi didn't convey authentic sushi. "Someone proper didn't make it," he added.


Surely, there are better representatives of authentic Japanese sushi in the U.K. But even if there are not, there's nothing wrong with eating crab mango sushi. Hey, it might even be delicious! (And sometimes, odd sushi also shows up in Japanese chain restaurants.) But don't confuse it for the real deal.

And you know what, as long as it's good and you dig it, go for it. Goodness knows Japan has its own liberal interpretations of foreign cuisine.

「ロンドンに来て下さい。本物の日本食ってやつを食べさせてやりますよ」 [WadatumiG]


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