Japanese Superheroes Getting Really, Really Effeminate

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Whether it's the Power Rangers, Ultraman, or Kamen Rider, male Japanese superheroes have one thing in common: they are tough and masculine. These poses aren't.

Blogger BakAnki snapped pictures of the superhero figurines doing poses that are, as he explained, "girly" or "photomodel-ish".


"In all seriousness," explained BakAnki on Figure.Fm, "it's actually harder to do a girly pose and make it look good and natural." For these figures, the joints aren't exactly designed for girly poses, making the execution that much harder.


Who said putting Ultraman on the cover of Tiger Beat was easy? It isn't. It's awesome.

Girly Pose with Hero Figure [Figure.fm via DannyChoo]

(Top photo: BakAnki | Figure.fm)

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