Japanese Stock Market Not Impressed With DSi

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Yesterday in Tokyo (there's a difference!) Nintendo announced the latest DS iteration, the DSi. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the DSi at approximately at 1:39pm Japan time. How did that affect the company's stock price? That, after the jump.


Look at that plunge. Ouch. Shares fell 3.7 percent, closing at ¥ 39,500 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As Bloomberg points out, Nintendo stock has doubled in the past two years, but has lost 41 percent in 2008. For comparison's sake, Sony has fallen 51 percent. About the lukewarm DSi reception, Retela Crea Securities Co. analyst Yoku Ihara explains, "Nintendo's announcement on the DS didn't exceed investors' expectations. The stock market was so bearish that the news didn't help the shares gain." Nintendo to Sell New DS Player to Widen Lead on Sony [Bloomberg Thanks, Nathan!] 任天堂(株) [Nikkei via はちま起稿]



It was quite ugly...

I liked the original bastard child DS more than the DSi...

The i is obviously an apple 'i'pod rip off.

Does Nintendo really need to borrow any of Apple's steam?