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Japanese Snacks Don't Get Odder Than This

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I love salted salmon. I love chewy candy. But salted salmon chewy candy? Eh... I’ll sit this one out.

Japanese snack Puccho is teaming up with the Sanrio salmon character known as Kirimi-chan for a limited edition salmon candy. This is most unusual and is even surprising for Japanese people.


[Photo: uma_1222]

Typically, Puccho comes in “normal” flavors like grape or cola.


[Photo: TOWER_Kobe]

The candy looks like...salmon. Heh, part of it is even gray like salmon skin.


[Photo: SfeBxtCJMgmWxhu]



[Photo: h_htn55]

As the packaging notes, there are salmon flakes in the middle of this salted salmon flavored candy. Yeah.


How does it taste? Twitter user Torikoga desribed it as “salmon on a mandarin orange.” Others say the candy is sweet with a faint salmon flavor. Yum?


[Photo: kourien_style]

“It’s not bad tasting, but it’s not delicious either,” added Twitter user kourien_style. It is available for a limited time only in, no surprise here, Japan.


Top photo: Torikoga

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