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Over the weekend in Osaka's Higashiyodogawa Ward, a 58 year-old man was knocked off his bicycle by a car and dragged 180 meters (almost 600 feet) in a hit-and-run accident. The victim suffered serious injuries, and the driver was arrested by the police. The suspect is a 14 year-old junior high school girl from Osaka's Toyonaka City. There were three male middle school students in the car, and it was originally thought the girl was a scapegoat — until she gave an official statement. She told Yodogawa Police Station authorities in an affidavit, "I was confident in my video game driving, so I wanted to try the real deal... That day was the first time I had ever driven a real car." Apparently, the girl had been "practicing" driving on arcade games. She decided that she had gotten so good at video games, she ought to try an actual car and thus swiped the keys to her father's small mini-van. According to authorities, the girl had a history of missing class at school. 「ゲームで自信あった」=ひき逃げ逮捕の女子中学生−大阪 [なおさんの「徒然日記」] [Pic]


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