For decades, Osaka-based collectible maker Kaiyodo has been churning out plastic statues and figurines. At a new "Figure World" exhibition, Kaiyodo marks its 30th anniversary of making figurines and is putting a whole slew of plastic on display in Shibuya.

At the exhibit, which nearing its end, there are Japanese and Western characters, with the common bond being that Kaiyodo produced out small figurines of them all. Beside the huge statues, one of the coolest things at the exhibit is the little window box dioramas. Have a look (photos courtesy of Kotaku Japan and Japanese blogger Figutaku.)

The exhibit is located in Shibuya's Tokyu Department Store and ends tomorrow.

海洋堂フィギュアワールド in 東急東横 [ふぃぎゅたく]

フィギュアの国、日本を支えた30年。[Kotaku Japan]

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