Japanese Phone Gets Prof. Layton

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Poor mobile games. Always the hope for the future! Always the laughing stock of the present. And fair enough, too. Cheaply made, rubbish to control, the vast majority of mobile games are a waste of everyone's time. Oh, unless you're Japanese, and pick up a Panasonic p906i. If you do, well, you'll be able to play Professor Layton. In widescreen, no less! And if you can't be arsed counting matchsticks, there's a nice-looking Gundam game on offer as well. Can have in West, please? Kind of bored of my 4th successive phone with a Worms clone.


Panasonic P906i [Product Page]

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Not to burst the bubble of many of you who think that Japan is some sort of capital city for Mobile phones (even though Japan was one of the first where mobile became important, as far as I can remember), but PKerUNO is right.

As far as I can tell from the specs of this phone and my experience with Japanese phones (which was actually very recently), their phones are actually quite outdated, especially compared to, for example, American smartphones. Their resolution is crappy, the phone sizes are huge compared to ours and more importantly; in terms of games, they are actually extremely bad.

If Imode phones still support the same systems they used when they tried to introduce it in Europe, PKerUNO is once again right; the phones use J2ME. A language that is extremely outdated and actually puts you BACK in the 90s except of taking you out of it. The language is highly outdated and should have been gone quite a while ago.

In fact, if it werent for the price and the things I heard about it after its launch, I would actually put my money on the Iphone, as that thing is (apart from the lack of keys) superior in terms of gaming. I am actually developing for it right now, and I am very happy with the sudden increase in potential, as opposed to the crappy phones I used to work for.

The only thing I have to give them credit for; their screensizes are mostly the same, as opposed to European phones, for which I had to create no less than 15 versions if I was lucky, just because of those damn screensizes.