Japanese Mecha Cop Hints at a Glorious Movie Future

They're making a Patlabor movie! And these could be the first pictures from the movie's set. That, or a new way for Japanese cops to keep the peace.

"Patlabor" is short for "patrol labor" and follows police in the near future who use mecha. The Patlabor anime and manga debuted in 1988, and earlier this spring, a "live-action" Patlabor feature film was announced for 2014.


These photos were apparently taken near the port in Yokohama, Japan. They're believed to be images of the production.


Last month, it was revealed that famed anime director Mamoru Oshii, who co-created Patlabor, was involved with the feature film. His role was not specified, however.

The film will probably feature CG, like the majority of movies do these days. Still, it's cool to see that they seem to have built a huge Patlabor for the picture. Well, it's just cool to see a life-sized Patlabor mecha.


実写版『機動警察パトレイバー』撮影風景? 実物大イングラム [野良犬の塒]

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