Not all of them, mind you. But many keep getting stuck.

Last year, Kotaku first reported that one train character kept getting stuck in doorways and ticket wickets, but as Dick King-Smith HQ noted on Twitter, that rotund mascot is not alone.

[Photo: agendateam]

[Photo: kappachan_sama]

There are many giant characters in Japan and they keep getting wedged in, what’s for them, tight spaces.

Just look and see what I mean!

[Image: Mamuu102]

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[Image via dgtube]

[Image: lotusryo]

[Image via rotka_g]

[Image: shin_kan0]

[Image: yurukyara2013 via Naver]

[Image: kyotomayumaro]

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[Image via Yome]

[Image via rotka_g]

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[Image via Plum Heart]

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Top image: Bongorian

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