Japanese Man Spends $150,000 To Look Like Michelangelo's David

Meet "Alan" (アラン or Aran). He's 20 years old. And in one year, he's spent a fortune to look like an ageless beauty. But it wasn't Alan's money, because he doesn't have a job. Older women forked out the cash.


Above, you can see a comparison of Alan last year, at the age of 19, before he had any plastic surgery done. He was a good-looking guy—but from grade school to junior high, he was often picked on for his feminine personality, which motivated to him to permanently change the way he looks. So he left his hometown at the age of 16, moving to Tokyo.

"An ageless face," Alan told popular Japanese television show Is There Something Wrong with Me?, "The ideal is the Statue of David."

According to the show, Alan got his nose done (twice) as well as his eyes done to look more like a "foreigner's." He also got a lift-and-tuck four times to remove and prevent wrinkles. He also got injections to alter the shape of his chin.

Alan is involved with around five women, and told the program that, including his living expenses, he's received several million dollars. However, he said on the show that he doesn't have sexual relationships with the women. "If I do that once," he said, "the money flow will stop as that companion will be satisfied."


To start his day, every morning Alan goes to his plastic surgeon's office and gets an I.V. with supplements to keep him looking young, spending nearly $3,000 a month on drips alone.

For food, he eats whatever he wants, saying that that watching one's diet causes stress and stress isn't good for beauty. Alan takes over thirty different supplement pills and gets fat burning injections in his stomach when he starts to feel flabby.


Throughout the day, Alan constantly takes selfies, snapping up to 1,500 photos of himself a month.


His smartphone has over 4,000 photos of... himself.


With his plastic surgery, Alan said he wants to triumph with his beauty—and to be more beautiful than anyone else. He added that he didn't care much about whether he was respected or not.

On the program, Alan said he wanted to meet Vanilla Chamu, who's been called "Osaka's Plastic Surgery Cyborg" by the Japanese media. When she arrived in the studio, Alan complimented her, saying, "Her boobs are amazing." (Stay classy, Alan!)


Vanilla talked about how she was bullied as well, but mentioned how she worked to pay for her own "customization," whereas Alan was getting money for his. She said he'd probably get picked on for using money he was given—not money he worked for. Sounds like he "worked" to get that money to me.


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And here he is in a couple years time: