Japanese Internet Asks What Games You Play In Arcades?

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Me? Shooters. Bulletin board 2ch has a thread up (translated by game localizer and Yokai Attack author Matt Alt) asking gamers what they play in arcades. Here are some of the replies:

-"Games that even beginners can easily start playing have really been on the decline recently."

-"Tetris or PuyoPuyo."

-"I was super into Time Crisis for a while."

-"UFO Catchers."

-"Music games."

-"Medal games."

- "QMA with a friend."

-"Damn you otakki bastards who play QMA alone while taking notes! It's a game for couples!"

-"Fighting games or QMA."

-"Ones where you kill zombies."

- "Bonds of the Battlefield."

- (Absurdly detailed thesis about PuyoPuyo)

- "Whenever my friends and I go to the game center we basically stand around for a while and leave because there isn't anything a beginner can just start playing."

Oh! And taking a cue from my co-author Jean Snow, Arcade Mania makes a dandy stocking stuffer. Did you know that? I knew that. More info about the book right here.

ゲーセン行ったらいつも何のゲームしてる? [Kanasoku via AltJapan]

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Arcades? Do those still exist in America?

P.S. Dave & Busters doesn't count.