Japanese Homefront Might Make A Villain Out Of Canada

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In THQ's Homefront the United States of 2027 faces an invasion by North Korea. For the Japanese release North Korea has been replaced with "A Certain Country to the North." Damn you, Canada!


In order to comply with Japanese rating board CERO's guidelines regarding the portrayal of existing people and countries, Homefront's Japanese publisher Spike has to make a few changes to the game. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has been removed from the game's opening movie, referred to in the game simply as the "Northern Leader" of "A Certain Country to the North."

While these changes are understandable, they do leave certain aspects of the game open to interpretation, including the identity of this invading force. If the country being invaded is the United States, and the invaders hair from "A Certain Country to the North," can there really be any doubt as to which country that is?


We trusted you, Canada.

Kim Jong-il Cut From Japanese Homefront Intro [Andriasang]

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Well, I guess that means no "North Korean flag blindfold" and no "North Korean flag embedded in game logo," then. I imagine a lot of other stuff will need to be changed, too.