Japanese Game Voice Actress Buys Xbox 360 Late, Too Early

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would be lowering the price of the Xbox 360 in Japan like it had abroad. Bad time to buy a new Xbox 360, no?


Right before the announcement, voice actress Hitomi Harada bought, that's right, an Xbox 360. That is, she bought it after doing voice work for Xbox 360 exclusive Dream C Club and after said game had already been released. Hitomi plays Dream C Club hostess Rui.

Sure, not every voice actor or actress is a gamer, but isn't a game voice actor not owning a home console a lot like an film actor not owning a DVD player?

"Today, because work finished early, I headed over to Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara this evening and bought an Xbox 360," she blogs. While she readily admits not being in to electronics, she adds that did ask the Xbox in-store staffer about online and Microsoft Points. Too bad she didn't ask about a price drop!


But good thing she went shopping with a friend so she could have her photo taken near the store entrance.

Xbox360を購入 [Hitomin's Diary]

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