Japanese Fast Food Restaurant Sticks Two Steaks Between Buns

[Image: Asahi News]
[Image: Asahi News]

Lotteria, the most ridiculous fast food chain in Japan, is releasing a striking steak burger later this month.


Dubbed the Sticking-Out Steak Burger, the sandwich is stuffed with 100-gram Angus beef steaks from the USA. The meat is a shoulder roast, so it’s reportedly soft. If one steak isn’t enough, Asahi News reports that there is also a double version.

The steak burgers go on sale November 24 and will be available for six days only. The single steak burger is 1,200 yen ($11), while the double is 1,900 yen ($17).

I’m not sure how to eat this. With a fork and knife?

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100-gram Angus beef steaks from the USA

Why import all the way from the USA when you have such great Wagyu varieties locally?