Japanese Company Creates "Monster Hunter Holiday" For New Game's Release

Illustration for article titled Japanese Company Creates "Monster Hunter Holiday" For New Game's Release
Image: Capcom
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Whenever a massive game is released, no doubt, diehard fans wish nothing more than to take the day off. Some may suddenly find themselves coming down with a cold and the only recipe for recovery is a day of gaming.


But employees at Tokyo-based VR-studio Mark-On don’t need to feign illness. Exec Jack Masaki formally announced that this Friday, because of the release of Monster Hunter Rise, staff will probably not be able to focus on their work. Thus, the day is officially a “Monster Hunter Holiday” (モンハン休み), giving workers a nice three-day weekend. Masaki even issued the announcement on Twitter.

The holiday applies to all employees, but as Masaki noted on Twitter, it does not apply to top-level execs like himself!

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So I’m guessing that Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest carry enough swag to get holidays for their launches in Japan.

Do any other titles get this treatment? Final Fantasy? Pokemon?