Japan: We Love Cars, Kinect, Notsomuch

PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 5 might be released a week after Kinect hits Japan on November 20, but the game already looks set to run over Microsoft's motion control system this holiday season.

The following photos were taken at the Bic Camera in Tokyo's Yurakucho. This one of the largest electronics stores in the country.


Above customers check out Gran Turismo 5. Below, Microsoft employees check out Kinect.

While a low install base will naturally mean lower sales in Japan, the peripheral might do better than the demo kiosk suggests. Some Japanese players say it is embarrassing to play Kinect in this setting. And Microsoft Japan continues to push Kinect hard with television commercials featuring members of popular idol group SKE48.


Meanwhile in the West, Kinect appears to be on its way to being this holiday's hot gift. Because of the size of the American and European markets, low Kinect sales in Japan will not necessarily impact whether Japanese game developers make titles for the Kinect or not. In 2009, several of the country's biggest developers discussed their visions of Kinect, which was then titled Project Natal.


神羅@ゲーム速報 : 有楽町ビックカメラのキネクト体験もりあがってる→実際に行ったらGT5が盛り上がっていてキネクトは・・・・・ [神羅@ゲーム速報]

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