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Pokémon Go has only be out in Japan for a few hours. Players need to catch up as soon as they can! Some have come up with some ways they think they can.

The goal is fooling the smartphone’s sensor so Pokémon Go would register steps and distance travelled to hatch eggs and earn XP. Easier said than done. Some of these tricks have already been tested in the U.S. and Australia. The Japanese toy trains, though, are a new twist.

People have tried turntables, to which is something Tech Insider previously pointed out:

Vacuum cleaner bots:

An electric fan, which apparently works like the turntable trick and which apparently doesn’t really work that well:

Swinging the phone from the ceiling:

Toy trains, which seems to be the most popular:

Ha, nice set up:

Apparently the toy train trick doesn’t work that well, because as this Twitter user shows, it logs 70 meters over the course of ten minutes:

Which you could get in, like, a minute or so of walking.

If these don’t produce the desired results, you can always try this:

Which might work best of all.

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