Japan Starts Its Holiday Hardware Buying Frenzy

Nintendo DSi sales are still HOT in Japan, with the camera-equipped revision moving another 88,000-plus units last week. The PSP also got a major shot in the arm, thanks to the latest Gundam release.

Curiously, the Nintendo DS Lite also had a very good week, which may illustrate that supply of the DSi can't keep up with demand in the face of Chrono Trigger DS's release — and a top ten dominated by DS software.


The PlayStation 3 holds strong while the Xbox 360 sees a big boost alongside the release of The Last Remnant. For the full hardware contest, read on.

• Nintendo DSi - 88,843
• PSP - 61,226
• Wii - 35,298
• Nintendo DS - 18,580
• PlayStation 3 - 17,436
• Xbox 360 - 15,474
• PlayStation 2 - 5,281

The PlayStation 3 has plenty of "The Best" label budget releases hitting before the end of the year, which should help keep its momentum (yes, I did) going. The release of Gundam Musou 2 will probably help the long-suffering console keep sales higher.

Xbox 360 has its own version of Gundam Musou 2 en route, as well as Fable II. We'll be interested to see how the latter fares in the coming weeks.

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