Japan Starts Its Holiday Hardware Buying Frenzy

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Nintendo DSi sales are still HOT in Japan, with the camera-equipped revision moving another 88,000-plus units last week. The PSP also got a major shot in the arm, thanks to the latest Gundam release.


Curiously, the Nintendo DS Lite also had a very good week, which may illustrate that supply of the DSi can't keep up with demand in the face of Chrono Trigger DS's release — and a top ten dominated by DS software.

The PlayStation 3 holds strong while the Xbox 360 sees a big boost alongside the release of The Last Remnant. For the full hardware contest, read on.


• Nintendo DSi - 88,843
• PSP - 61,226
• Wii - 35,298
• Nintendo DS - 18,580
• PlayStation 3 - 17,436
• Xbox 360 - 15,474
• PlayStation 2 - 5,281

The PlayStation 3 has plenty of "The Best" label budget releases hitting before the end of the year, which should help keep its momentum (yes, I did) going. The release of Gundam Musou 2 will probably help the long-suffering console keep sales higher.

Xbox 360 has its own version of Gundam Musou 2 en route, as well as Fable II. We'll be interested to see how the latter fares in the coming weeks.

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i still don't get the wii. the controller is too inaccurate. it's all party games or remakes of ds games. and yet people buy it like crazy. it doesn't do online. it doesn't do media. it's just a gamecube with a higher clocked cpu and higher clocked gpu.

i think if anything is going to bring on the video game crash is the wii. people will spend all this money on it and realize there's nothing to do with it after a couple hours.