Japan Polled Over Nintendo Switch Lite Interest

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Are folks in Japan interested in buying a Nintendo Switch Lite? Let’s see what a new poll on Japanese site Inside reveals.


The poll asked Switch owners and non-owners whether or not they planned to purchase a Nintendo Switch Lite. There were over 3,000 replies (3,780 to be exact).

Update: July 16 - 8 pm: And earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the number of replies. The number has since been updated.

Here is how those results breakdown:

5. “I won’t buy a Lite, but I will buy a (regular) Switch.”

342 votes: 9 percent of those polled

These are non-Switch owners who are not interested in the upcoming Lite but do want to purchase a standard Switch.

4. “I will pass on this version of the Lite.”

393 votes: 10.4 percent of those polled

The inference here is that an announced future Lite iteration, with features like TV Mode, might be of interest.


3. “I already have a Switch, but I will purchase a Lite.”

676 votes: 17.9 percent of those polled

For those who don’t think one type of Switch is enough.

2. “I don’t own a Switch, but I will purchase a Lite.”

1,111 votes: 29.4 percent of those polled

It seems for these individuals, the Lite is more appealing than the regular Switch.


1. “I already have a Switch, but I will pass on the Lite.”

1,258 votes: 33.3 percent of those polled

This answer edged out non-Switch owners who wanted to buy a Lite.

Out of those polled, 47.3 percent say they will buy a Nintendo Lite. The majority of those polled, however, say they will not.

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Is it weird I’m only buying a Lite to keep in a box until ten years later where it’ll be absurdly expensive? Speaking from experience as a dude currently looking for a GBA SP AGS 101 in box just so I can replay Aria of Sorrow.