Japan Only Limited Edition DS Finally Comin' Stateside

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One of our friendly, GameStop-employed readers let us know that Nintendo will be bringing a new-old limited edition Nintendo DS to North America soon. When? I said "soon," dammit! The black DS features Pokémons Palkia and Dialga from the Pearl and Diamond version of the game and was previously only available at Pokémon Center stores in Japan. Take that, Japan exclusivity! According to marketing materials, the limited edition black DS comes with a few other goodies, including a matching carrying case, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DVD, a poster featuring Grovyle, and a GameStop exclusive Pokémon shirt. You simply cannot lose. The collection of things can be had for $129, which our GameStop tipster says may be "eligible for the 'Trade in GBASP or Old DS Get DS Lite for $90' deal." Call your store. They'll know.


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Halfdecent I guess- Only pokenerds would recognize those anyway.

Hmmm, they should use their ninjutsu to create a mayan/incan theme with those colors.