And they’re called, wait for it, “Anime Contact.” Clever!

For well over a decade, there have been contacts designed to make your eyes look larger. These aren’t just worn by cosplayers, but regular folks, too. The difference here is that these lenses attempt to make your eyes not only look expressive, but like they belong in a 2D anime.

I reckon these lenses are ideal for cosplayers—or people who want to resemble anime characters. Perhaps, both.

There are three types. This is “Ururu Eye.”


In Japanese, “ururu” or “uru-uru” means “teary-eyed.”

Here’s “Kirakira Eye.”


In Japanese, “kirakira” means “twinkle,” “glitter,” or “sparkle.”

And this is “Kiratto Eye.”


In Japanese, “kiratto” means “brightly” or “bright.”

You can mix and match these if you like. Or not! Because each set of non-prescription lenses is 3,300 yen (US$27).


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