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Japan Is Still Big Portable Country

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In Japan, the PSP and Nintendo DS platforms are still outselling the home console competition. And it's the bigger versions of each portable platform, the standard PSP-3000 and Nintendo DSi LL, that Japan's buying more of.

Sony's PlayStation Portable once again tops the charts, thanks to strong sales of God Eater and the three-way split of the Nintendo DS platform. Combined, the DS would have sold some 52,000-plus units, but that's not how sales tracker Media Create does it.


This week's hardware chart looks a lot like last week's, but here are the finer details for the week of February 1 to 7.

  • PSP - 43,163
  • Wii - 36,149
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 28,080
  • PlayStation 3 - 25,450
  • Nintendo DSi - 19,116
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5,410
  • Xbox 360 - 3,651
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,047
  • PSP go - 1,738