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Japan Is Getting One Piece Airplanes. They Kind of Suck!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At least the flight attendants will apparently wear straw hats just like One Piece character Luffy. I guess.

According to Naver and Excite, five of Japanese carrier Skymark's Boeing 737s will get a One Piece decal. This isn't a complete decal wrapping or paint job like the Pokémon jet.


Here is All Nippon Airway's Pokémon Jet.


Pretty cool, huh?

And for comparison, here is a mock-up of the One Piece jet.

To be clear, the "Sky" logo and the star marks are always on this airline's planes. The carrier is called Skymark, you know. Here's the One Piece bit:


It's not nearly as impressive! And actually, it's kind of whatever. But kids who fly do get a bag of One Piece goodies.

The One Piece plane will be in service between July 19 and October 19 in Japan.


スカイマークがONE PIECEとコラボ!ワンピースジェット就航 [Naver]


[Top photo: Aviation Wire]

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