Starting next month, Asahi is rolling out "Freezing Cider." It will be sold at minus 5 degrees celsius (23 degrees fahrenheit). How cool is that?

The drink has a slightly stronger flavor that your typical Mitsuya Cider. However, the moment you open the plastic bottle, the drink turns into an instant ice sherbet. So, this is just another frozen slushy type drink? Well, no.

According to Japan's Sankei News, there really hasn't been a frozen drink in Japan that turns into an instant slushy when you open the plastic bottle. So, in that regards, this is new.

As Nikkan explains, the pressure of the drink's carbonation makes it possible to keep the drink in a liquid state up to minus five degrees celsius.


If you are wondering how you can make your own supercool drinks, has a helpful walkthrough.

Think they can go colder in the future? Maybe! As Science Daily previously reported, water doesn't actually have to freeze until it hits minus 48 celsius (minus 55 fahrenheit).

Recently in Japan, other "below zero" drinks have been launched, such as the "Cool Break" coffee below. The Freezing Cider, it seems, is the coolest drink to hit the market to date.


Priced at 150 yen ($1.47) a bottle and available for a limited time, Freezing Cider goes on sale this June at 7-Elevens across Japan.

アサヒ飲料、三ツ矢サイダーを氷点下で提供-セブン―イレブンで発売 [Nikkan]

「氷点下」の三ツ矢サイダーをセブンイレブンで限定発売へ 長野など1千店で [Sankei]

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