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Japan Is Building A Massive, Life-Sized Gundam Statue That Moves

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Screenshot: BandaiChannel
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Over the past few years, several life-sized Gundam statues have gone up in Japan. Either they didn’t move at all or didn’t move that much.


During a recent press conference, a fourth anniversary Gundam project was announced. At Gundam Factory Yokohama, an 18-meter “moving” Gundam statue will be erected in summer 2020. Above is the image that was shown at the press conference.

From the sound of it, this next one-to-one scale Gundam will be different from previous limited moving Gundam statues. From the looks of that image, it will stomp? Walk? Lift its leg up? Something.


Though, don’t expect a full-scale Gundam with a range of movements, able to strut about and blow shit up.

The latest life-size Gundam, a Unicorn RX-0, went up in 2017. Parts of the mecha’s helmet moves, and it has light up effects.

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We probably have the tech to go full-on Macross with out stealth fighters but we just haven’t realized it yet.

We also probably have the tech to cure cancer and stave off aging (so that you still have the vitality of a 30-year-old despite being actually 120) but what the fuck do I know?