Japan Gets Another 3DS, But It Isn't What You Think

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The Nintendo 3DS went on sale in Japan in late February. There is already another 3DS on the horizon, and kids under six can use it without any Nintendo health warnings for as long as they like. Thing is, they probably won't want to.


The April issue of Japanese magazine "Elementary School: Second Grader" comes bundled with a "3DS Machine" of different sorts. It's a 3-in-one that comes with a dentaku (calculator) and a soroban (abacus). There's also a space where kids can write with an erasable marker.

Because the 3DS Machine, the issue also comes with official Doreamon books for kids to study Japanese, an official Pokémon: Black and White poster, a pull-out on growing vegetables and a 3DS Machine collection of stickers that includes Pokémon and Inazuma Eleven.


A while back, the same magazine came with an official Pikachu acabus and calculator, called a "Pokémon DS", leading me to believe this could be some very, very clever viral marketing. Must have 3DS, mom, don't know why...

小学二年生 [小学館ファミリーネット]

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It's a 3-in-one that comes with a dentaku (calculator) and a soroban (acabus).

I think you mean an "abacus"?