Janky Pro Wrestling Game Is Great Because It's So Messed Up

Wrestling Revolution 3D may not have the best graphics, animation, gameplay, or anything, you could call it a bit of a mess, but it undoubtedly holds true to the spirit of indie wrestling.


MDickie has been making unique games for well over a decade and what they lack in polish they more than make up in heart. Last month’s Wrestling Revolution 3D is no different, the continuation of his Wrestling Mpire series, it continues to be a delightful mix of bootleg wrestlers (such as Hollywood Hank), flailing bodies and awkward animations.

The career mode remains a surprisingly in-depth experience, where your choices make an impact as the in-game wrestling federations change and evolve around you.

Find out more about why I like this game in the video above.

It’s available on Steam.

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It’s always a great life when Leo Takes a Look. Thanks for doing this. A game I’d never play, a genre I’d never play, and still an amazing video I had to watch twice!

How are you, Leo?