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James Marsden Will Star In The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Just imagine that’s Sonic instead.
Just imagine that’s Sonic instead.

James Marsden (Westworld, X-Men) will be the star of the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog film, Variety reports.


The movie, due out in November 2019, will be a mix of live-action and CG, and is also amazingly the first time the 27 year-old Sega character has appeared on the big screen.

Marsden has past experience with this kind of thing, having starred in Hop a few years back.


Sonic is being directed by Jeff Fowler, who made the 2005 animated short Gopher Broke.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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File under : Horrible video game to movie adaptations that should have never been made.

Even in 1994 when I was 10 years old and was ADDICTED to Street Fighter 2, I saw Street Fighter the Movie and thought to myself “Wow. This movie should have never been made”.