Trophy hunters and platforming fans take heed! The HD-remastered Jak and Daxter Collection is coming to a store near you in a few short weeks, packed with a trio of platforming masterpieces and more trophies than you can shake a ottsel at.

Ah, for the ottsel, lombax, and raccoonus-filled days of platforming paradise on the PlayStation 2. Along with the Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank trilogies, Naughty Dog's three Jak and Daxter games were titles that defined the PlayStation 2 experience. Now the HD-remastered Jak and Daxter Collection joins the previously released Sly Cooper Collection, leaving only Insomniac's robot and furry roadshow for HD remake treatment.

Come February 7 fans will be able to pick up all three Jak joints for the low price of $39.99. That's less than four dollars per potential trophy scattered across the three games, or a lot of obsessive compulsion for your money.

Once we're all done playing through the Jak trilogy again we can all gather around Insomniac's offices and stare menacingly until our HD platforming trifecta is complete.


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