Iwata: We Always Work On New Hardware

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Nintendo does not rest, Nintendo does not stop. Even with the success of the Wii and the DS, Nintendo keeps going.


"We do not think that Nintendo DS and Wii will last forever," Iwata told investors in a recent financial briefing. "Our internal hardware teams are always researching and working on new hardware so that we can launch them whenever we find a very interesting idea."

It takes Nintendo up to three years to churn out new hardware, but once the company developers new hardware, that doesn't mean Nintendo releases it. So when is new hardware released?

"[New] hardware is not needed until the time our software developers see the end in making new software with the existing hardware, or unless we have no more new market to explore and all the potential consumers have purchased our hardware," said Iwata. "The more decisive factor is when the software developers will start demanding for new hardware as they cannot create any more software with surprise factors with the existing one. Nintendo has always been making the hardware in order to prepare for that day to come."

And typically, right before new hardware is released, there's a price cut. The Wii still has not gotten a price cut — save for a few, unofficial nips and tucks at UK retail. "I have never said that cutting the suggested retail price is not in the cards," Iwata said. That price cut just hasn't happened — and who can blame them?

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I still dont get how people say that nintendo abandoned their fanbase by expanding the market and making a couple of games outside of their norm (while STILL making what theyve always made).

during the gamecube era, pikmin, odama, eternal darkness, geist, and chibi-robo were the only games not from an existing series to be published by nintendo.. and pikmin was the only one internally developed.

metroid prime was the only old series that had skipped a previous generation to make a return.

so far, disaster day of crisis, anothehr code r (although originating on the ds), and captain rainbow have appeared in japan.. and they have kensax, dynamic slash, line attack heroes, cosmic walker, and spawn smasher hitting japan soon.

as for revisited franchises, we've had the excite series, punch out (WHICH IS AMAZING), and sin and punishment all get sequels.. and its only been 2 and a half years since the wii was released.

outside of everything rare made, they didnt have a single new franchise on the nintendo 64. look at what rare is doing nowadays..

so yeah.. someone please tell me how nintendo has drastically changed like everyone is claiming.