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I've Tried To Educate Your Childish Heart

Illustration for article titled Ive Tried To Educate Your Childish Heart

Aah, The Cardigans. I'm sensing a theme with this week's open threads.

Anyhow. Hello, Kotaku! Welcome to the Tuesday open thread. Lots of stuff to talk about tonight, so I'll get out of your way and let you at some random stuff you may wish to discuss.


And that's what I've got. See you all tomorrow.

(Top photo via Flickriver)

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So anybody who watches Young Justice, I thought way to hard about this earlier and I figure I'll ask here.


So we know there's a mole on the team right? But who do YOU think it is? My money was on Artemis, but it feels like she is just far to obvious of a choice to be the spy, especially after it was revealed her crippled mother was a former villain and her father is still out vilifying it up, I don't think they would go with something so predictable.

My best guess would be someone above suspicion, Robin maybe? Maybe they'll take him in a crazy different route in this show? Could very well be Aqualad perhaps acting out of some kind of loyalty to Atlantis? Hell it could be Red Arrow, He's been angsty and borderline evil practically the entire show.

Only a few more episodes to go before the season 1 finale, Greg Weisman really know's how to make some kick ass cartoons.